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How to Select and confirm Positioning Your Blog

Growing increasingly crowded blogosphere today. Each day is always a new blog is born. In the middle of the growing abundance of blogs, positioning blogs have become increasingly important. If you still remember of top of mind, the positioning is one of the initial strategy to achieve top of mind.

Well that's what we will discuss this time. How to actually select and confirm the positioning of your blog?
Be unique! That said, the first key positioning selection of your blog. Unique means unique yes. No market. Your blog other than that already exist. Your blog is able to offer something unique, which could not be found on other blogs.

If you started blogging a few years ago, maybe you can freely choose the topic. But when all seemed to have abandoned the theme, it seems there's nothing left.
Maybe if so then you think it will be difficult to select the positioning. For what blogs like never before. Or similar questions more in "what the hell really new in this world?"

If the footing of this thinking can be frustrating and we do not immediately ACTION! For recognized or not, the fact is there is nothing really new in the world. That there is only a mixed development of our creativity.
So, how to make your blog a unique and different? Here are some of the side that can make your blog different and shiny.

Topics. You can better focus on the topic of your blog. If you think it's too many automotive-themed blog, you can focus to a particular brand. If it's too much to discuss music in general, you can choose slow rock possible, jazz or otherwise.
In essence, sharpen the focus of your blog topic. Focus on one thing can make a direct visitors to anchor it to yourself. For example when talking business teacher, maybe standards on business blogs teachers.

Target Online. Talk with small children would not the same as adults and parents. Talk with other women of men. You understand the point? Yes, you specify whom you want to target visitors to your blog and speak your visitors language appropriate.
You may say we can not control who will read our blog. It means you may initially target a female audience aged 30-50an years, but did not close the possibility of the men come to read it?
True. But at least by establishing who your target audience, will be more secure positioning of your blog. Of course not to blame if their parents also come to eat ice cream consumption is actually marketed to kids is not it?

Based on geographical. Perform positioning can be based on geographic location. You can specifically write about the city, village, or your area. Fashion. You could discuss the same thing, but serving different ways can produce different sensations.

Positioning is important blogs to leave an impression in the hearts of visitors. Once visitors feel fit with the positioning of your blog, they will many times go back to your blog.
Positioning means that we must choose. We want to be seen as what about the visitors. What does it mean what bloggers are experts in the field of X, Y, or Z and communicate with serious style, casual, or bombastic, or others.

Any comments?

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