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Like What Successful Blog Content?

Perhaps you often think, if my blog content is good enough? What is missing from the content of my blog huh?

To find out, you can just judge for yourself. But usually for fear of subjective thought, you then ask others to comment on it. Could your friends, blog visitors, or the experts blog. But this was not enough. Apart from yourself and others, measure the success of a blog content is measured from the self's own blog. Meaning?

I mean you can judge from your initial intention to make the blog. Each person can have a different purpose in making the blog. Could for example for the vent, share information, as a writing exercise arena, perhaps to save the document, and the 1001 one other purpose.
There is nothing wrong and nothing right. Because all of your chosen destination based on your interests. But certainly when you decided to create a blog, you have a purpose. Though just idly, yes that your goals.

Well, based on your intent in making this blog, the success of your content evaluated. If your goal is to reproduce blogging friends, your content is considered successful, if more and more friends you have. Likewise if your blogging goals to increase your money income, content considered successful if you grow a lot of money.
Of course, your assessment could be done after the campaign blog. So, after making content, do promotions, and evaluation results. If indeed the desired result, your content successfully. If not, then you need to improve in the next postings.

Thus, setting goals is very important to blogging to promote your blog. Therefore I strongly recommend that before you make a blog to explain your goals. What exactly do you want from your blog. With a clear objective, development becomes easier. With a clear direction, the steps for achieving specific goals are also more easily done. And by setting definite goals, you can write content according to purpose.

You've Got Blog Slogan and Tagline?

Origin of our creative and do not stop acting, MUST always be a way for the central problem we face.
Continue to the discussion this time is the blog tagline and slogan. Have your blog to have both?
Having had a blog, an important aspect of blogs that you can not leave the tagline and slogan. Both are different but interrelated functions and mutually reinforcing for the branding and positioning your blog.
In a minute ... before you go too far, I get very familiar examples with you. You know tagline "The Power of Dream", "connecting people", or "faster, better!"? Or the slogan "go!", "Let's go!", And "let's go to the bank!".
It's not all products / services have a tagline and slogan. There are only a tagline alone. There is only a slogan only. Many also think that equates between tagline and slogan.
But I tend to differentiate. Tagline describes the excess product or service focus. While the slogan invites nature and usually have specific goals. By age, the tagline is usually aged longer than a slogan.
Now back to the tagline and slogan blogs, they should have to strengthen the identity of your blog. How to create a blog tagline and slogan?
Associated with the brand tagline of your blog. There are three things to look for a blog tagline, which is what your personality, what the main topic of your blog, and what your blog readers. While associated with the campaign slogan of what you are voiced.
What is clear, in a tagline or slogan, the sentence should be short, clear, and meaningful so easy to remember!
Do all blogs need tagline and slogan?
Will have at least one of them. And if they have both, must not collide or contradictions occur between the tagline and slogan.
What about your blog? You want to exercise a tagline or slogan for your blog? Please write in the comments box. Give your opinion is about this post.

General Hidden Blog Vs Blog Hidden Special, Lucky Where?

In general, there are two tendencies election topics a blog: blogs general stubs and specific stubs.
Blog common stubs is a blog that it was limited in a particular area. But could some areas at once and not related to one another. For example a blog that contains about culinary, tourism, and software.

Usually, this type blog personal blog or personal. That is, this blog is intended for the fulfillment of personal desires of the bloggers. If the owner has a myriad of interests, from business, politics, economics, computers, and various other things, all included in one blog.
What good will choose a general topic blog?

  1. Very wide target audience. Or in other words the possibility of visiting the blog is very large. Because the target audience is not only interested in one topic only, but a few topics. So, should the public stubs blog can reach high traffic and lots of links that link.
  2. It's easier to write. Because the topic area, then for the blogger should be much easier to write. The blog owner does not have to worry about lack of ideas what to write. When you're not in the mood with one topic, other topics can write.

While special stubs blog contains a specific topic. For example, the Internet business, which discussed about the internet business only. If the topic of visual design for example, it is written not far regarding it.

If special stubs blog, what advantages?

1. Preferred search engine. Search engines love blogs specific. When browsing to a blog, search engine spiders will identify her blog about what. Spider also checks links link to get there. Does it fit with the blog topic or not. And this affects the page rank blog. 2. Can become an expert. Specific stubs have a blog allows you to become expert in one field. And when your credibility and reputation as an acknowledged expert, you will be a place to ask for someone else. Without shy they will recommend to friends to visit your blog. Promotion of free and additional traffic would flow into your blog.
3. Has a loyal visitor. As fellow enthusiasts on a field, you will be surrounded by loyal visitors. Means higher traffic to your blog will never be lonely. They are your friends. Although you are positioned as an expert, but the relationships built equal. This means that you also must establish rapport and interact with them.

Well, that's some blogs excess general and specific stubs. My advice, you better have a blog specific stubs. Because, the world of blogging and the Internet leads to specialization. If you have a lot of interest, I recommend making more than one blog.

How your blog type of general or specific topics? Or you have another opinion?

6 Things to Look For Before you launch Blog

Actually, most know a blog is ready to launch or not the owner himself. I mean, most bloglah owners understand what blogs are as expected or not. Other people are usually commented-based interests, knowledge, and his own tastes.
But is there not things to note before you launch a successful blog so spectacular? If there is anything about it?

Perhaps before anyone asks "why blogs need to be launched? After all, without launching any, our blog is circulating in the blogosphere. "
Exactly. But if we listen to the way the other bloggers in the country, launching blogs can be used as a trigger start a good start for a blog. The hope was launched with a lot of people who know. Direct your blog so much access.

In addition, the launch is useful for creating early momentum blogging. Of momentum like what you want associated with your blogging goals. If for example you are blogging for business, for example, hopes at least your product is increasingly recognized. Gratitude-gratitude and can direct sells. Well that's why we have launched.

I wonder what needs to be considered before launching a blog?

  1. Planning. Planning includes technical readiness and non-technical your blog. Non-technical such as your blogging goals for what, the scope of what your blog, your target readers to your blog and the other one. Technical readiness was not a disturbance to your blog, election blog name right, and others.
  2. Content. Content is the lifeblood of your blog. Visitors come because they want to read the contents of your blog. If you can create content blogs that suck and addictive, visitors will many times come to your blog. Determine also post a clear timetable. For example once every 2-3 days. Or if you feel too heavy, could start with every week.
  3. Design. Interesting blog design also contribute to the success of your blog. View blog should also describe the concept of your blog. If it wants to create a blog that made slang, serious, or whatever impression you want to convey, it also conveyed through the design of your blog.
  4. Link. Early postings you should have an internal and external links. Internal links that point to point in your own blog, are external links pointing to other blogs. When creating links, see also his anchor text. Fill with your target keywords.
  5. Campaign. The easiest example to put your blog address in every email signature. So after your name, include your blog address. So each time you send email, participate indirectly promote your blog. For the initial stage, you can send email to people who you know. Ask them to visit your blog, and do not forget to ask for their responses.
  6. Ad. If there advertising budget, you may advertise. However, if no, this can be ignored. Just concentrate enough on the track for free promotion.

What is important to understand that managing blog requires patience. Especially at the beginning of blogging. One to three months required extra patience. The flow of traffic is usually still sluggish. Therefore do not expect too much of your blog can be a big revenue stream in the early moments.

What is important now is to strengthen the foundation beginning your blogging. That is how you provide quality content defined schedule and strengthen the positioning of your blog.
There is one more step that could reduce the traffic flow is reduced by joining the club blog. That way, at least you have a blog fellow bloggers who are ready to visit you. With so slowly traffic and brand your blog will be lifted.

How to Select and confirm Positioning Your Blog

Growing increasingly crowded blogosphere today. Each day is always a new blog is born. In the middle of the growing abundance of blogs, positioning blogs have become increasingly important. If you still remember of top of mind, the positioning is one of the initial strategy to achieve top of mind.

Well that's what we will discuss this time. How to actually select and confirm the positioning of your blog?
Be unique! That said, the first key positioning selection of your blog. Unique means unique yes. No market. Your blog other than that already exist. Your blog is able to offer something unique, which could not be found on other blogs.

If you started blogging a few years ago, maybe you can freely choose the topic. But when all seemed to have abandoned the theme, it seems there's nothing left.
Maybe if so then you think it will be difficult to select the positioning. For what blogs like never before. Or similar questions more in "what the hell really new in this world?"

If the footing of this thinking can be frustrating and we do not immediately ACTION! For recognized or not, the fact is there is nothing really new in the world. That there is only a mixed development of our creativity.
So, how to make your blog a unique and different? Here are some of the side that can make your blog different and shiny.

Topics. You can better focus on the topic of your blog. If you think it's too many automotive-themed blog, you can focus to a particular brand. If it's too much to discuss music in general, you can choose slow rock possible, jazz or otherwise.
In essence, sharpen the focus of your blog topic. Focus on one thing can make a direct visitors to anchor it to yourself. For example when talking business teacher, maybe standards on business blogs teachers.

Target Online. Talk with small children would not the same as adults and parents. Talk with other women of men. You understand the point? Yes, you specify whom you want to target visitors to your blog and speak your visitors language appropriate.
You may say we can not control who will read our blog. It means you may initially target a female audience aged 30-50an years, but did not close the possibility of the men come to read it?
True. But at least by establishing who your target audience, will be more secure positioning of your blog. Of course not to blame if their parents also come to eat ice cream consumption is actually marketed to kids is not it?

Based on geographical. Perform positioning can be based on geographic location. You can specifically write about the city, village, or your area. Fashion. You could discuss the same thing, but serving different ways can produce different sensations.

Positioning is important blogs to leave an impression in the hearts of visitors. Once visitors feel fit with the positioning of your blog, they will many times go back to your blog.
Positioning means that we must choose. We want to be seen as what about the visitors. What does it mean what bloggers are experts in the field of X, Y, or Z and communicate with serious style, casual, or bombastic, or others.

Any comments?

Blog Blog Masculine or Feminine?

Blog masculine or feminine blog owner is not based on the blog, but on the characteristics inherent in the blog. A little of this analysis, apart from personal observation, also based on such research is done here.

The following blog features masculine and feminine blog.

Blog masculine traits

  • Nuance obvious masculine. As in the use of colors and tend to be strongly impressive dark, like black.
  • Many use the element straight stripe who could, if we see in the blog elements consist of boxes that firm (without arches).
  • The language used tends to formal.

Feminine characteristics blog

  • Feminine aura emanating from the use of feminine colors such as pink and purple. Can also use the colors soft and bright.
  • Use of line element with the unambiguous (there are arches).
  • Use language that tends informal and often use abbreviations.
  • Like to use the background color and font color is vibrant.

Outside blog about blogs masculine-feminine, whatever the sex of your blog, which clearly there are two things that always the main concern blog visitors. First about the content and the second is the design.

Clarity of content including blog content, and the usefulness of content. Problem design, the desired visitor blog is an easy navigation and comfortable, attractive colors and support for easier reading, and ads that are not too many.

Are there blogs influence of masculine or feminine blogs on sale? I do not know. Maybe there are colleagues who are interested examined.
Finally, my advice is simple. If that is the main target of your blog readers are women, the feminine create blogs. So did the opposite.

Please see your blog in comments and tell whether including blogs masculine or feminine blog? Add your opinion also blog about the masculine and feminine blog.

Design and Use the Right Font for Your Blog Views

Content blogs are important. But now in the era of visual thinking, look no less important blog. Although the content of your blog is very nice, but without imposing appearance supported, your blog potentially lose a lot of traffic. This aspect can not set aside the display to be one factor levers become spectacularly successful blog.

Like what blogs look good? Layout model 2 column or 3 column? What letter is used? Please refer to it ...

From the eyes down to the heart ... That's about the type of blog visitors today. The first thing they see is the look of your blog. If appropriate, explore the new content. After that they will visit regularly and be a loyal visitor. If you're uncomfortable, they do only to find the information you need. After that, go not back again.

No doubt, aspects of the display is an important factor to make a successful blog spectacular. Because with a good view, no mess, visitors feel comfortable and at home. The eyes do not hurt because the font used is too small or difficult to read. Neat setting make visitors easy to trace every inch of your blog.

Design and selection of fonts! Two things you need to look to polish the look of your blog.
Let us start from the design blog first. But first, I want to say that in design there is no definitive answer as in mathematics. About blog design is very dependent objectives, topics, and target your blog visitors. I sharingkan general guidance only and based on my observations of successful blogs.

I observed, a successful blog never subordinated the design aspect. The design is considered as important as the content. There are well-known blogs that use two-column layout model, such as My Referrals But there is also a berlayout 3 columns or more, such as Power-online or Blog Home Insurance. But the point is, the principle design blog made as effective and sefungsional possible. Trying to pamper visitors so easy and convenient as there is in their blogs, and not get lost.

Well, the second about the font choice. The selection of the right font can make the reader feel at home reading, though sometimes only just to scanning text. I observed that many, the font in the title is usually used font type Arial, Trebuchet MS, Lucida Grande, or Georgia.
Being in the body of the article, most blogs use fonts without feet (sans-serif). Some say if the font without feet more obvious on a computer screen though to a smaller size. Many types of fonts are selected Verdana, Trebuchet MS, Lucida Grande, and Arial. For example, Verdana used Autocipta

Then how size? Its size varies from 10px to 14 px. Do not be too big but also not too small.
Polish the look of your blog so captivating, making you more popular blog readers. If your blog is busy, would the money flowing into your pocket.

If you use what the model design and what fonts?

Need for Commitment to Make Blogging Ngeblog So Consistent

Importance of having a commitment to keep blogging and blogs that dimilki care in order to continue to grow and develop into a successful blog spectacular.
These include commitment to remain CONSISTENT add new content, add links, and improve the quality of blog in all its aspects.
First and foremost way to do this is to make clear blogging goals. These include the clarity of the blogs and niche blogs. "Why do people have to come to my blog?" Less is more is the key question.
Your blogging commitment is crucial to make blogging so consistent. Consistency is important blogging because from there you begin to build relationships with your blog readers who then will split your credibility.
Commit to start blogging consistently, and act for your commitment.

10 Ways of Making Your Blog So Scooping The Famous and Great Success

Do you have a blog? And want to blog you are experiencing great success? Surely you all would nod his head in agreement and replied, "Yes!" Well, then certainly next question asked how to do it?
If you really like that you ask, please continue reading.
As I said before, I'll tell how to make your blog popular and making quick success. I have written briefly to you easily and quickly understand it, these tips, tricks ...

1. Create links to other blogs. Especially to high trafficnya blog and the topic with your blog.
2. Be the first race comment. Do this especially on a blog that visitors lot. Because your comments will be read by other visitors. If you are interesting comments, they would go directly to your blog.
3. Their fishing rods for comment. Here's an example sentence to lure the reader comment: "I'm sure you also have the experience and lessons from blogging. You please share here. And let's discuss together ... "
4. Commented to a relationship. Do not always say just for the sake of business interests alone. But talk like a conversation between people. Ask how are they, what were busy, or you can share interesting stories about new events you experience. Comments are natural and friendly just like the chat between friends can strengthen relationships.
5. Allow trackbacks and links on the comment. One reason for the blogger in the comments are in order to build a network link. Fulfill their desires, do not ignore.
6. Create a review on another blog. Those who review blogs you create will be very pleased. Yes, it's like you have not told the contents of these blogs to your visitors. Blog that you've made it a minimal review would be to visit your blog.
7. Answer comments directed at you. Got a blog means you have to want to interact with other blogs. If you only want to isolate themselves with blogging in cyberspace, it urungkan your intentions. Do not let those comments of one hand clapping.
8. Make a timeless article 'eaten' time. That is, that is not easy stale and forgotten. But that is always needed someone to at any time. Shaped articles such as how-to which you are now reading.
9. Maintain good relations with other blogs. Especially with the blogs that contribute to the flow of traffic to your blog. Alias from there one source of visitors coming to your blog.
10. Enter their posts to social media. This way you can do to strengthen the relationship. They'll be pleased to know that you help spread their blog posts to social media.

How do you comment? Or you want to add any other tips?