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You've Got Blog Slogan and Tagline?

Origin of our creative and do not stop acting, MUST always be a way for the central problem we face.
Continue to the discussion this time is the blog tagline and slogan. Have your blog to have both?
Having had a blog, an important aspect of blogs that you can not leave the tagline and slogan. Both are different but interrelated functions and mutually reinforcing for the branding and positioning your blog.
In a minute ... before you go too far, I get very familiar examples with you. You know tagline "The Power of Dream", "connecting people", or "faster, better!"? Or the slogan "go!", "Let's go!", And "let's go to the bank!".
It's not all products / services have a tagline and slogan. There are only a tagline alone. There is only a slogan only. Many also think that equates between tagline and slogan.
But I tend to differentiate. Tagline describes the excess product or service focus. While the slogan invites nature and usually have specific goals. By age, the tagline is usually aged longer than a slogan.
Now back to the tagline and slogan blogs, they should have to strengthen the identity of your blog. How to create a blog tagline and slogan?
Associated with the brand tagline of your blog. There are three things to look for a blog tagline, which is what your personality, what the main topic of your blog, and what your blog readers. While associated with the campaign slogan of what you are voiced.
What is clear, in a tagline or slogan, the sentence should be short, clear, and meaningful so easy to remember!
Do all blogs need tagline and slogan?
Will have at least one of them. And if they have both, must not collide or contradictions occur between the tagline and slogan.
What about your blog? You want to exercise a tagline or slogan for your blog? Please write in the comments box. Give your opinion is about this post.

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