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General Hidden Blog Vs Blog Hidden Special, Lucky Where?

In general, there are two tendencies election topics a blog: blogs general stubs and specific stubs.
Blog common stubs is a blog that it was limited in a particular area. But could some areas at once and not related to one another. For example a blog that contains about culinary, tourism, and software.

Usually, this type blog personal blog or personal. That is, this blog is intended for the fulfillment of personal desires of the bloggers. If the owner has a myriad of interests, from business, politics, economics, computers, and various other things, all included in one blog.
What good will choose a general topic blog?

  1. Very wide target audience. Or in other words the possibility of visiting the blog is very large. Because the target audience is not only interested in one topic only, but a few topics. So, should the public stubs blog can reach high traffic and lots of links that link.
  2. It's easier to write. Because the topic area, then for the blogger should be much easier to write. The blog owner does not have to worry about lack of ideas what to write. When you're not in the mood with one topic, other topics can write.

While special stubs blog contains a specific topic. For example, the Internet business, which discussed about the internet business only. If the topic of visual design for example, it is written not far regarding it.

If special stubs blog, what advantages?

1. Preferred search engine. Search engines love blogs specific. When browsing to a blog, search engine spiders will identify her blog about what. Spider also checks links link to get there. Does it fit with the blog topic or not. And this affects the page rank blog. 2. Can become an expert. Specific stubs have a blog allows you to become expert in one field. And when your credibility and reputation as an acknowledged expert, you will be a place to ask for someone else. Without shy they will recommend to friends to visit your blog. Promotion of free and additional traffic would flow into your blog.
3. Has a loyal visitor. As fellow enthusiasts on a field, you will be surrounded by loyal visitors. Means higher traffic to your blog will never be lonely. They are your friends. Although you are positioned as an expert, but the relationships built equal. This means that you also must establish rapport and interact with them.

Well, that's some blogs excess general and specific stubs. My advice, you better have a blog specific stubs. Because, the world of blogging and the Internet leads to specialization. If you have a lot of interest, I recommend making more than one blog.

How your blog type of general or specific topics? Or you have another opinion?

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