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6 Things to Look For Before you launch Blog

Actually, most know a blog is ready to launch or not the owner himself. I mean, most bloglah owners understand what blogs are as expected or not. Other people are usually commented-based interests, knowledge, and his own tastes.
But is there not things to note before you launch a successful blog so spectacular? If there is anything about it?

Perhaps before anyone asks "why blogs need to be launched? After all, without launching any, our blog is circulating in the blogosphere. "
Exactly. But if we listen to the way the other bloggers in the country, launching blogs can be used as a trigger start a good start for a blog. The hope was launched with a lot of people who know. Direct your blog so much access.

In addition, the launch is useful for creating early momentum blogging. Of momentum like what you want associated with your blogging goals. If for example you are blogging for business, for example, hopes at least your product is increasingly recognized. Gratitude-gratitude and can direct sells. Well that's why we have launched.

I wonder what needs to be considered before launching a blog?

  1. Planning. Planning includes technical readiness and non-technical your blog. Non-technical such as your blogging goals for what, the scope of what your blog, your target readers to your blog and the other one. Technical readiness was not a disturbance to your blog, election blog name right, and others.
  2. Content. Content is the lifeblood of your blog. Visitors come because they want to read the contents of your blog. If you can create content blogs that suck and addictive, visitors will many times come to your blog. Determine also post a clear timetable. For example once every 2-3 days. Or if you feel too heavy, could start with every week.
  3. Design. Interesting blog design also contribute to the success of your blog. View blog should also describe the concept of your blog. If it wants to create a blog that made slang, serious, or whatever impression you want to convey, it also conveyed through the design of your blog.
  4. Link. Early postings you should have an internal and external links. Internal links that point to point in your own blog, are external links pointing to other blogs. When creating links, see also his anchor text. Fill with your target keywords.
  5. Campaign. The easiest example to put your blog address in every email signature. So after your name, include your blog address. So each time you send email, participate indirectly promote your blog. For the initial stage, you can send email to people who you know. Ask them to visit your blog, and do not forget to ask for their responses.
  6. Ad. If there advertising budget, you may advertise. However, if no, this can be ignored. Just concentrate enough on the track for free promotion.

What is important to understand that managing blog requires patience. Especially at the beginning of blogging. One to three months required extra patience. The flow of traffic is usually still sluggish. Therefore do not expect too much of your blog can be a big revenue stream in the early moments.

What is important now is to strengthen the foundation beginning your blogging. That is how you provide quality content defined schedule and strengthen the positioning of your blog.
There is one more step that could reduce the traffic flow is reduced by joining the club blog. That way, at least you have a blog fellow bloggers who are ready to visit you. With so slowly traffic and brand your blog will be lifted.

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