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Blog Blog Masculine or Feminine?

Blog masculine or feminine blog owner is not based on the blog, but on the characteristics inherent in the blog. A little of this analysis, apart from personal observation, also based on such research is done here.

The following blog features masculine and feminine blog.

Blog masculine traits

  • Nuance obvious masculine. As in the use of colors and tend to be strongly impressive dark, like black.
  • Many use the element straight stripe who could, if we see in the blog elements consist of boxes that firm (without arches).
  • The language used tends to formal.

Feminine characteristics blog

  • Feminine aura emanating from the use of feminine colors such as pink and purple. Can also use the colors soft and bright.
  • Use of line element with the unambiguous (there are arches).
  • Use language that tends informal and often use abbreviations.
  • Like to use the background color and font color is vibrant.

Outside blog about blogs masculine-feminine, whatever the sex of your blog, which clearly there are two things that always the main concern blog visitors. First about the content and the second is the design.

Clarity of content including blog content, and the usefulness of content. Problem design, the desired visitor blog is an easy navigation and comfortable, attractive colors and support for easier reading, and ads that are not too many.

Are there blogs influence of masculine or feminine blogs on sale? I do not know. Maybe there are colleagues who are interested examined.
Finally, my advice is simple. If that is the main target of your blog readers are women, the feminine create blogs. So did the opposite.

Please see your blog in comments and tell whether including blogs masculine or feminine blog? Add your opinion also blog about the masculine and feminine blog.

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