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10 Ways of Making Your Blog So Scooping The Famous and Great Success

Do you have a blog? And want to blog you are experiencing great success? Surely you all would nod his head in agreement and replied, "Yes!" Well, then certainly next question asked how to do it?
If you really like that you ask, please continue reading.
As I said before, I'll tell how to make your blog popular and making quick success. I have written briefly to you easily and quickly understand it, these tips, tricks ...

1. Create links to other blogs. Especially to high trafficnya blog and the topic with your blog.
2. Be the first race comment. Do this especially on a blog that visitors lot. Because your comments will be read by other visitors. If you are interesting comments, they would go directly to your blog.
3. Their fishing rods for comment. Here's an example sentence to lure the reader comment: "I'm sure you also have the experience and lessons from blogging. You please share here. And let's discuss together ... "
4. Commented to a relationship. Do not always say just for the sake of business interests alone. But talk like a conversation between people. Ask how are they, what were busy, or you can share interesting stories about new events you experience. Comments are natural and friendly just like the chat between friends can strengthen relationships.
5. Allow trackbacks and links on the comment. One reason for the blogger in the comments are in order to build a network link. Fulfill their desires, do not ignore.
6. Create a review on another blog. Those who review blogs you create will be very pleased. Yes, it's like you have not told the contents of these blogs to your visitors. Blog that you've made it a minimal review would be to visit your blog.
7. Answer comments directed at you. Got a blog means you have to want to interact with other blogs. If you only want to isolate themselves with blogging in cyberspace, it urungkan your intentions. Do not let those comments of one hand clapping.
8. Make a timeless article 'eaten' time. That is, that is not easy stale and forgotten. But that is always needed someone to at any time. Shaped articles such as how-to which you are now reading.
9. Maintain good relations with other blogs. Especially with the blogs that contribute to the flow of traffic to your blog. Alias from there one source of visitors coming to your blog.
10. Enter their posts to social media. This way you can do to strengthen the relationship. They'll be pleased to know that you help spread their blog posts to social media.

How do you comment? Or you want to add any other tips?

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