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5 Valuable Lessons from the payer Blogging Know

Here are 5 tips lessons from blogging activities that I do for this.

1. Blogging Need Planning
Blogging is now so easy. Just choose not to create a blog where and clack-click on the blog we've become. Convenience is often tempting anyone who intend to start blogging for blogging and forget immediately planning.
If you intended simply to experiment may be blogging like that. But if you intend to create a successful blog spectacular, the planning aspect you can not leave. Because that's the plan that will guide the steps you blogging later. What is your blogging goal? What is your blog topic? Who is your target audience? How does your blog promotion? How many days once your new post? And lainnnya question.
If you have a clear planning, and you run it continuously, it is guaranteed not hard to make your blog a spectacular success. Said the sage, half success begins with good planning. The other half comes from the action.

2. Main network
Each spectacularly successful blog must have a network or a strong relationship with other bloggers. This is absolute! Without it, your blog can be impossible to have high traffic, back links booming, reaching a place of honor in the search engines, and make money without stopping. Network is the biggest asset in blogging. Remember, many friends, many fortunes.

3. Maintaining Integrity
Many actually a shortcut to create a blog generate large amounts of money in an instant. But put that way I warned you to avoid completely. Why? Because it would damage the integrity and undermine your credibility. Once you may succeed, but then nothing is guaranteed. Believe me, no way would either result in a bad thing. Blogging teaches us to be honest. So to achieve spectacular success blog honorable manner.

4. Serious and consistent for ACTION
Many who have interesting and unique ideas for blogging. But very few people to achieve spectacular success predicate blog. What is it? No serious and consistent action. Planning so that was compiled stay on paper. Blogging teaches us to be consistent and serious action. Post on a regular basis, often to establish networking, and promote the routine are some examples.

5. Do not be Afraid to Invest
In the midst of an abundance of free services for blogging, making many people reluctant to invest. And for bloggers who are seriously intended to make their blogs as a field of money, investment obligatory.

The important thing to remember, for investment for your blogging activities reap profits and encourage progress your internet business, do not hesitate to invest. Wearing paid hosting and domain name, learn blogging, using a paid autoresponder service are a few examples. Based on my experience, investing the money I spend on blogging activity back with results far greater many times over.

That is five valuable lessons I learned from all this blogging activity. How do you think?
I'm sure you also have the experience and lessons from blogging. You please share here. And let's discuss together ...

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