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Design and Use the Right Font for Your Blog Views

Content blogs are important. But now in the era of visual thinking, look no less important blog. Although the content of your blog is very nice, but without imposing appearance supported, your blog potentially lose a lot of traffic. This aspect can not set aside the display to be one factor levers become spectacularly successful blog.

Like what blogs look good? Layout model 2 column or 3 column? What letter is used? Please refer to it ...

From the eyes down to the heart ... That's about the type of blog visitors today. The first thing they see is the look of your blog. If appropriate, explore the new content. After that they will visit regularly and be a loyal visitor. If you're uncomfortable, they do only to find the information you need. After that, go not back again.

No doubt, aspects of the display is an important factor to make a successful blog spectacular. Because with a good view, no mess, visitors feel comfortable and at home. The eyes do not hurt because the font used is too small or difficult to read. Neat setting make visitors easy to trace every inch of your blog.

Design and selection of fonts! Two things you need to look to polish the look of your blog.
Let us start from the design blog first. But first, I want to say that in design there is no definitive answer as in mathematics. About blog design is very dependent objectives, topics, and target your blog visitors. I sharingkan general guidance only and based on my observations of successful blogs.

I observed, a successful blog never subordinated the design aspect. The design is considered as important as the content. There are well-known blogs that use two-column layout model, such as My Referrals But there is also a berlayout 3 columns or more, such as Power-online or Blog Home Insurance. But the point is, the principle design blog made as effective and sefungsional possible. Trying to pamper visitors so easy and convenient as there is in their blogs, and not get lost.

Well, the second about the font choice. The selection of the right font can make the reader feel at home reading, though sometimes only just to scanning text. I observed that many, the font in the title is usually used font type Arial, Trebuchet MS, Lucida Grande, or Georgia.
Being in the body of the article, most blogs use fonts without feet (sans-serif). Some say if the font without feet more obvious on a computer screen though to a smaller size. Many types of fonts are selected Verdana, Trebuchet MS, Lucida Grande, and Arial. For example, Verdana used Autocipta

Then how size? Its size varies from 10px to 14 px. Do not be too big but also not too small.
Polish the look of your blog so captivating, making you more popular blog readers. If your blog is busy, would the money flowing into your pocket.

If you use what the model design and what fonts?

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