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Like What Successful Blog Content?

Perhaps you often think, if my blog content is good enough? What is missing from the content of my blog huh?

To find out, you can just judge for yourself. But usually for fear of subjective thought, you then ask others to comment on it. Could your friends, blog visitors, or the experts blog. But this was not enough. Apart from yourself and others, measure the success of a blog content is measured from the self's own blog. Meaning?

I mean you can judge from your initial intention to make the blog. Each person can have a different purpose in making the blog. Could for example for the vent, share information, as a writing exercise arena, perhaps to save the document, and the 1001 one other purpose.
There is nothing wrong and nothing right. Because all of your chosen destination based on your interests. But certainly when you decided to create a blog, you have a purpose. Though just idly, yes that your goals.

Well, based on your intent in making this blog, the success of your content evaluated. If your goal is to reproduce blogging friends, your content is considered successful, if more and more friends you have. Likewise if your blogging goals to increase your money income, content considered successful if you grow a lot of money.
Of course, your assessment could be done after the campaign blog. So, after making content, do promotions, and evaluation results. If indeed the desired result, your content successfully. If not, then you need to improve in the next postings.

Thus, setting goals is very important to blogging to promote your blog. Therefore I strongly recommend that before you make a blog to explain your goals. What exactly do you want from your blog. With a clear objective, development becomes easier. With a clear direction, the steps for achieving specific goals are also more easily done. And by setting definite goals, you can write content according to purpose.

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