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Write articles and Be Trusted Expert in Your Field

I want to start with a question. Where do you go if your eyes are sick?
You must be answered to go to the doctor. Your answer was right, but not quite right. You ought to go to the ophthalmologist.

Anyone going to try to find the best for themselves and the people he loved. They prefer to get something from an expert in his field. For example, if you will buy a computer, you will find a computer store. And not just a regular computer store, but the computer store that is credible, reliable, which makes your friends recommend it to you.
Credibility and positive image is very important. As an internet business, you also need to be able to build an image as an expert. That way your visitors will be easier to follow your advice and suggestions.
If you want to be an expert, there are easy ways you can take. In this way you will convince people that you are an expert in your field. It's easy: write an article!

When visitors read your articles, they will respond. They consider your writing as your personal image. If your writing is good, visitors will think you are an expert. When they need help, they will come to you. And you are ready with some solutions. Guaranteed they'll believe.
Good, now try to write your articles. I have a formula so that you can write good articles at once convince the reader. Try these four ways.
1. Starting your article with the revealing problems experienced by the reader. For example, an Internet businessman has spent a lot of money to promote, but not yet received benefits.
2. Explain the effects of the problem. For example, if a business is too much to lose lots of money will affect the health of the business that eventually could make Internet business manages a halt. Not only that, but can also affect health and even personality.
3. Describe the problem simply. Convince the reader that these problems can be overcome and the situation will get better.
4. End your article with the enlightening suggestions. Do not forget, use the phrase that inspires and motivates. That way readers will be pleased and soon moved solve the problem.

If you post an article, try not too long. Reading on a computer screen is not as comfortable to read the print out. Sometimes the eyes become more easily tired. Therefore, use descriptions between 300 to 500 words.
When you write, you should also use short sentences. Avoid sentences that use lots of commas. A comma would deprive the reader understand your writing.

Easy right? How does your experience in writing articles for this?

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